Torre dei Beati

The name of the estate derives from the detail of a large 14th century fresco, which adorns the local church of S. Maria in Piano. In the representation of the Judgement Day, the “Tower of the Blessed” (“Torre dei Beati”) is the final goal that souls, who have reached the after-life, strive to gain access to after many efforts and difficult trials.
This parable reflects the inspiration principles of our business, which is based on the desire to express, thanks to extremely careful selections in the vineyard and winery, the best native grapes that we cultivate in this particularly apt area of Loreto Aprutino.
Our family-run winemaking business started in 1999, when we decided to start managing ourselves the vineyard that our father Rocco had been looking after since 1972. Since we believe that it’s impossible to separate the quality of a wine from its naturalness, we immediately converted the vineyard to organic farming and our first bottle came onto the market in 2000.
We expanded the first original production unit, located on the ground floor of the old farmhouse at the centre of the estate, with a cellar for the ageing of wines and a new winery.
At the same time we increased our range of products by studying significant interpretations on the theme of Montepulciano and then also planting new Pecorino and Trebbiano grapes, the most interesting traditional white varieties of this region.
All our wines are made from grapes harvested on our own vineyards.